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Installation Department DIR # 1000064634

Here’s How To Order!

To help with your success, we need five things!

Email orders@spacefile.com

Sending your orders here will get the whole process started quickly!


Valid PO

This document should have the PO number, the correct dollar amount and reference the correct quote number.


We need a color for the system, and if applicable, a choice of laminate color.

Approved Layout

We need confirmation that the proper version of the layout document is approved for production.

Requested Ship Date

When is the preferred date for this system to be shipped from our factory? When is the installations scheduled to start? Will track be shipped earlier than the rest of the system?

Ship-to Address

We need to know if the shipment is being sent to the end user address, or another address, such as a Dealer warehouse.

Who To Call!


Installations or Project Info

RJ Valera – As Program Manager, he can help with the status of your project, your installation date, or service calls.

Quote Updates/Questions

Your Design Specialist is the person to contact for any questions or revisions that your quote requires.


Raheel Azam is our Business Manager, and he can help with project ship dates, accounts receivable and payable.

Sales/Marketing Hurdles

Paul MacLean is the person to contact if you have sales questions, need marketing support, require images or to book training.