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Industrial Storage


Industrial Shelving is an ideal warehouse storage solution for small parts storage, like nuts and bolts, or backroom and picking applications. Shelving units are available in a multitude of sizes and load capacities. Shelving options offer an easy reconfiguration of storage spaces and can be outfitted with bins for a variety of applications.
Rivet, or boltless, shelving is easily assembled due to its teardrop and pin connectors and is extremely versatile. This storage option can accommodate small parts to larger, heavier items. Rivet Shelving can be integrated into a multi-level storage solution, such as a mezzanine system.
For storing large, bulky, or heavy items or for areas with high product circulation that require material handling equipment such as forklifts, racking will be most effective and efficient. Pallet Racking is heavier-duty than shelving and is also the best option for storage in freezers and coolers. If you plan on having catwalks integrated in your storage system, racking will also be best.
Space Solutions Shelving products offer a wide range of solutions to address your company’s varied storage needs and optimize available storage space. Our shelving products offer quality craftsmanship, superior strength and unique design features that sets them apart from the competition. The different styles and the numerous sizes of shelving caters to your company’s exact needs, whether its storage for merchandise, heavy-duty storage or custom configurations. Q Line Shelving is a strong, versatile and cost-effective shelving system. Q Line features steel shelves with a welded box beam construction, lapped/welded corners and triple bends on the side flanges. Shelves attach with compression clips and come in three styles to match a range of load capacities up to 1,000 pounds per shelf. Accessories like bin dividers, shelf drawers, panel kits, locking doors, label holders and mezzanine components help you customize the system to your need Z-Line/Steel Shelving incorporates the same high-performance steel shelves as our Q Line system, and offers load capacities of up to 750 pounds per shelf. Double rivet shelf supports at the top and bottom tie into upright keyholes for fast and boltless assembly, offering access from all four sides – no sway braces required! The Z-Line shelving system permits mixing steel, particleboard and wire shelves, all on the same unit. A boltless side/back panel kit, locking hinge doors and other accessories can be incorporated for added versatility.