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Mobile Storage

Build the foundation for an efficient, productive office with a Space Solutions Mobile Storage system. Our systems optimize space and can substantially increase the capacity of filing or storage in an existing area or free up space for other uses.


  • Dramatically increase storage capacity and speed up access to critical files and other stored materials
  • Minimize or eliminate off-site storage
  • Increase security over confidential information through controls allowing secure access
  • Make room for additional staff or equipment
  • Improve organization, productivity, and customer service

Considerations for Mobile Storage System Design

  • Space– The available square footage “footprint” of in the room you want to put the Mobile System in.
  • Obstacles and constraints – The as-built architecture of the space, such as columns, doors, sprinkler systems, lights, ductwork, etc.
  • Floor Load -Mobile Systems are by nature “heavy” as they compact a load of your commodities and shelving in less space than traditional storage systems. Weight load simply means the weight of the system and media to be stored that you will be putting on the floor.

This is important because it has to do with the supporting structure or how much load the existing floor can support. In terms of weight load, typically the ground floor presents no issue, but the higher you go within a building, the more the load changes. Space Solutions can offer no charge preliminary analysis of your building’s structural plans for anything above the ground floor to ascertain usability for Mobile Storage.

  • Workflow and Accessibility-The number of staff who need to access the Mobile System and how often. The number of aisles can be adjusted and if ease of accessing aisles is desired, and the system is to be of a larger design

Electrical Powered Mobile Systems should be considered.

  • Aesthetics– The appearance of the Mobile Storage System can be adjusted and upgraded or downgraded based on cost and factors such as where its going to be placed and who will see it. Obviously, an Archival basement system will not need to have the visual appeal of a front office system where your important clients may visit.
  • Code Compliance– Installing Mobile Shelving requires conforming to the relevant building rules and regulations. In California, the Building and Fire Code has laws in place for buildings which dictates the kind of equipment that needs to be used, as well as seismic requirements that affect our system design and installation in your space.
  • Security–  The Entire Mobile Storage System can be constructed to LOCK DOWN so all materials on it have controlled access, or Space Solutions can fabricate the system so only parts of it are secure with doors or security limiting hardware.