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Storage & Space Planning

Installation Department DIR # 1000064634



Once the strategic plan and project quotation has been developed, Space Solutions can provide both the management and resources to ensure your project’s timely and successful implementation. Space Solutions offers complete professional services relating to all phases of migration into your new storage systems.

Project related services include:

  • Site Surveys and Analysis of Existing Conditions
  • Authorized Sales/Delivery/Service/Warranty of over 100 major and specialty Manufacturers
  • Turnkey Installation of all Products and Systems by Factory Certified Installers
  • Auto-CAD drawings and space planning
  • Post Installation Training and Service
  • Existing space and workflow analysis
  • Equipment Removal/ Relocation and Media Transfer
  • File re-organization
  • Structural calculations by Licensed Engineer
  • Fire code compliance analysis
  • Building and fire department permit procurement
  • State and Local Government Process Interface