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Slide Trac


Slide open more storage !  Space Solutions maximizes filing and storage with this simple concept:  Two or three rows of cabinets or shelving installed in the area that was previously used for one row.

Installed over existing floor coverings, the back units are stationary, while the front units slide sideways, allowing full access. SLIDE-TRAC increases storage capacity in less space. It is a lateral mobile records storage solution that makes your shelving or cabinets even more efficient. With SLIDE-TRAC, two or three row configurations are available. The front cabinets or shelving is mounted on tracks, allowing them to be moved from side to side, providing access to the back row of cabinets. Take a row of stationary lateral shelves, and then put another row directly in front of them. The front row of shelves is secured to movable carriages that are attached to floor tracks so that they can slide back and forth. The result of the Slide Trac system is a dramatic increase in storage capacity in significantly less space, which lets you to centralize your filing and storage area.

Major SLIDE-TRAC benefits:

  • Eliminate unnecessary aisles and maximize vertical room space
  • Decrease required storage floor space
  • Modular design for easy add-on and expansions
  • Easily integrated into any office with a clean, modern look

A wide range of shelving sizes to store everything from letter sized files to x-ray jackets and anything in between. Store boxes, bins, supplies…in dramatically less space.

SLIDE-TRAC is ideal for high-density, decentralized file areas, and when you need to increase storage capacity in a limited space.

Let an Space Solutions representative survey your facility – a detailed C.A.D. plan of your unique application always follows!